Reputation from Customers

Reputation from Customers

Testimonials from customers with kids' smiles were brought to us.

It was a Christmas gift from Santa Claus to me

Sendai area, Miyagi based – customer
ROMPERS BEAR has been delivered on Christmas Eve. I felt like it was a Christmas gift from Santa. It made me so happy. All the members of our family are very happy about the wonderful job sewed it up lovely. My husband and I will treasure it for the rest of our lives. We took a commemorative photo of my son with the ROMPERS BEAR for his first birthday. Thank you very much.

Getting into a bed with it

Sano area, Tochigi based – customer
We ordered ROMPERS BEAR on our daughter’s first birthday. As she has started having an interest in stuffed toys, the ROMPERS BEAR is now her favorite. These days, she gets the bear by herself right before going to bed.

My chest was tight with emotion of nostalgia by seeing it

Abiko area, Chiba based – customer
ROMPERS BEAR has been delivered.
We haven’t expected such a lovely bear made from our rompers filled with a lot of memories.
Although the rompers were kind of plain, your work with stitched ornaments of a chick and heart was much appreciated. My chest was tight with emotion of nostalgia by seeing it.

Our son has been very happy so holding the bear, at the same time, our two dogs try to have it in their mouths because they are also interested in it. I cannot take my eyes off the situation…haha We will always treasure it!
Thank you so much for everything!!

I could hardly dispose pretty clothes

Kamakura area, Kanagawa based – customer
We had been given many pretty clothes for our first baby girl in a third childbirth. Though she turned three this year, I could hardly dispose her clothing then I got to know about ROMPERS BEAR and ordered it immediately. We gave it for her third birthday cause made it in time.
She is very happy to have it that made from her favorite pink colored clothes, so taking care of it such as the bear is her child.

It is a treasure to both of my kid and me

Suginami area, Tokyo based – customer
ROMPERS BEAR I ordered has been delivered on the other day.
I was so impressed by your work beyond my imagination.
I am very pleased to have kid’s clothes with us all the time as a stuffed toy because it was very first clothing to ourson so I had a deep attachment to it.
It became jewel of a treasure to both of my son and me.
Thank you for all your help.
For a kid's first birthday and a baby gift
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ROMPERS BEAR is selected as a gift for the following situation!

For kid's birthday As a gift for kid's birthday of first year or over
For celebration of family and friends As a gift for family and friend's baby-birth
To express your appreciation As a gift for parents to show deep appreciation at a wedding