Product Introduction

Product Introduction
Including Tax / Excluding Shipping Fee
Pre-mo&Baby-mo collaborated ROMPERS BEAR
Pre-mo&Baby-mo collaborated ROMPERS BEAR JPY 16,800;
Including Tax / Excluding Shipping Fee

Purchase can be made not only with our website but also fax and mail. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Contact: ROMPERS BEAR Division, Empathy Japan Co., Ltd.
FAX +81-(0)3-6721-1589
Business hours 10AM-17PM (Except Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, New Year’s holiday as well as Summer holiday)

Precautions of Purchase:

  • After we received clothing and if it seems difficult to use it as a material of a ROMPERS BEAR due to the condition is not appropriate enough, we would contact you about it.
  • Please mail to us clothing after they were laundered.
  • Kindly understand the rest of clothes after cut is not be returned to customer.
  • We might introduce your ROMPERS BEAR on our website or Facebook.
  • Shipping fee of clothing and ROMPERS BEAR and remittance fee are incurred by a customer. In case of using express shipping service, the delivery date will be after a month from a day when clothes were delivered at our office.
  • Personal information you offer us will be managed appropriately without using it to irrelevant purpose other than related to ROMPERS BEAR contacts.
  • E-mail will be automatically sent by the next business day after you placed an order. If you do not receive any e-mail by then, please kindly contact us at “ROMPERS BEAR Division”, Empathy Japan Co., Ltd.
  • We strive for perfection in our products. However please be aware to keep in safe use by kids so that ROMPERS BEAR has small pieces for making up a stuffed toy.
  • Please do not pull eyes and nose pieces strongly or pulling out the stuffing. These actions might be a cause of damage.
  • After you placed an order, 【Automatic reply】order confirmation e-mail will be sent. Please make sure if the content is correct.
  • On a sole of the ROMPERS BEAR, kid’s “name with alphabet” and “date of birth” will be sewed.
  • Two rompers (or baby clothes) are required to make a ROMPERS BEAR.
  • Please entrust our designer to choose which parts of rompers (baby clothes) will be used. We try to select the best combination. Thank you for understanding.
For a kid's first birthday and a baby gift
Why don't you choose one special gift in the world?

ROMPERS BEAR is selected as a gift for the following situation!

For kid's birthday As a gift for kid's birthday of first year or over
For celebration of family and friends As a gift for family and friend's baby-birth
To express your appreciation As a gift for parents to show deep appreciation at a wedding