For a kid's first birthday and a baby gift
Every single ROMPERS BEAR is sewed up by handwork with the warmest wishes, and each bear is one and only in the world.
Why don’t you select something that will last forever as a birthday gift?

The experienced craftsperson sews up every single ROMPERS BEAR by handwork sincerely.
All of them are made in Japan.

When you are having difficulty for choosing a birthday gift for kids, when you are looking for a perfect gift that will last for a lifetime

"ROMPERS BEAR" which is made from baby clothing is a popular gift for kids' birthday of first year or over, is also favored as the gift card for the baby's birth. We suggest you showing precious memories of family as

"the only one gift for a kid in the world"

that is made from baby clothing filled with much love and sweet feelings from mother and father.

ROMPERS BEAR is selected as a gift for the following situation!

For kid's birthday
As a gift for kid's birthday of first year or over
For celebration of family and friends
As a gift for family and friend's baby-birth
To express your appreciation
As a gift for parents to show deep appreciation at a wedding
ROMPERS BEAR's video introduction